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Whether you’ve got a problem or a dream, if you’re a well-established high-volume merchant or a large business operating (or aiming to operate) on the Shopify Plus platform, BeSpark can make it happen.

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Tell me about your business: what you do, what you offer customers, and what your goals are. We’ll schedule a free consultation and if it’s a good fit, I’ll get to work making your site the best it can be.

Amy Boyle, Chief Operations Officer

Fast and flexible and dedicated to delivering work that fit our needs.

Amy Boyle – Chief Operations Officer at June & January

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Sure, certain types of people just get along better. When they start working together, it’s like everything just *clicks* into place, and you achieve spectacular results that accelerate dramatic growth.

On the other hand, there are certain other types we just don’t get on with. Please don’t take it personally if the following sounds like you. I mean to save us both time. Hey, there are plenty other amazing developers out there. (I tend to be picky with my clients because I aim for long-term relationships.)

Onto the bad stuff:

Are you...

  • In possession of a healthy budget? (Minimum spend: US$900)
  • The type to distract your project members constantly, instead of letting them focus on their *!#$& work?
  • Bossy and need to control the development process, instead of looking to “borrow” someone who will care for your business as a partner would, someone who also happens to be an agency-experienced web developer with 10 years under his belt?

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Congratulations! That means you’ve been searching for the right developer for your business. You’ve put all this work into researching and reading my copy.

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