Hi. I’m Karim, the founder of BeSpark. Over the past decade, I’ve worked as a web developer with some of the world’s top brands. A few years ago, though, I took a step back and focus on projects I can really get excited about. For me, this meant working with Shopify merchants.

When a customer lands on your site, it only takes them a few seconds to decide if they’re going to stick around. Don’t leave sales on the table with a mediocre website. Whether you’re looking for a custom-built application, an original theme, or ongoing tech support, I’m here to help your business thrive.

I create Shopify stores that are innovative, conversion-driven, and focused on functionality. If your shop doesn’t look or operate the way you envisioned, I can fix that. And if you can’t find an app that does exactly what you need to it, I can build one.

Ready to create the Shopify store of your dreams? Bring your ideas to BeSpark, and I’ll bring my expertise and a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else.

Be sure to check my LinkedIn profile to find out more about my projects with Doctors without Borders, Aldo, and Le Site.

James Corr, Owner

A passionate developer…
Very responsive .... understands how agencies work, by providing actionable feedback or design recommendations to significantly improve implementation time and save our clients money.

James Corr – Owner at OnlyGrowth

If your Shopify Plus store is like any of these stores below, then you may have found the ideal developer for your business.

  • Sweet Lulu

    Sweet Lulu sells some amazing party goods. They do seasonal stuff incredibly well, and their themes are definitely worth a second look.

  • June & January

    June & January comprises an all-star team of 9 women who specialize in a baby clothing aesthetic that uses bold and beautiful colors. Be sure to check them out.

  • Stamptopia

    Stamptopia sells some pretty nifty personalized and decorative rubber stamps. For all occasions, you can decide how to leave your mark. Literally.

At BeSpark, we offer something most high-volume agencies cannot: A personal touch... and everything you can get from an agency-trained web developer with more than 10 years of experience.

So if you have a vision, or if you require a vision fix involving custom functionalities for your Shopify store, look no further.

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Origin story

My introduction to computers is the typical millennial developer’s tale: It was 1998, and I had just come across Warcraft. It wasn’t long after that I got sucked into web design and development (circa 2000), which is when I discovered Photoshop 5 and spent a small fortune on it. I was fascinated. PS5 really got to me.

Five years later, I graduated with a Computer Engineering degree at the Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology, in Egypt. When I moved to Canada in 2012, I was accepted into a highly sought-after Project Management course at the prestigious McGill University. Back then, I wanted to work in Project Management, but things don’t ever quite pan out as you planned, do they? (In this case, my French was, I must admit, appalling.)

Edda Ósk Ólafsdóttir, Web Integrator

Innovative and resourceful…
has excellent knowledge of both front- and backend development… a great asset for any team.

Edda Ósk Ólafsdóttir – Web Integrator at Reitmans

It wasn’t long before I took the plunge into backend development (in 2014) through bloc.io, the online coders bootcamp. It woke me to realize my true passions, and I dedicated myself to expanding my knowledge on backend development as well.

Today I am proud to call myself a full-stack developer due to my extensive knowledge of and experience with both ends of web development.

Review my LinkedIn profile for an in-depth look at my employment and education history

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