Pinterest, The Perfect Match for eCommerce

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Pinterest is the global virtual cork-board where people share and save anything they love. Whether it’s products, designs, artwork, recipes or a DIY, you name. A user likes a page on a website, or a product on an online shop? Cool! they just pin it. That’s why you can find nearly every single type of content on Pinterest, it’s a collection of what people love.

The fact that's mostly overlooked by eCommerce merchants is that eCommerce websites and Pinterest are a match made in heaven. Not only that a good chunk of Pinterest users is there to buy or plan a purchase, but also if they like what you have to offer they can pin it and grant you access to even more customers. Here are a few reasons to start integrating Pinterest in your eCommerce marketing strategy for the next quarter.

1- Number of active users

According to Statista, Pinterest boasts a total of 250 million active users per month. And it’s not just about 250 million people on the platform, active users spend significant time on the website too. On average a visitor spends 35 minutes on Pinterest per visit, which is more than any other social media platforms. This gives your business a wide window of opportunity to put your products in front of the right customers.

2- People are there to buy (And plan purchases):

Pinterest is a major driver for both online and offline sales. According to Hootsuite Pinterest is the number 1 shopping platform among millennials. And it’s not just a “favorite site” thing, 74% of active pinners have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest. While 61% of pinners, in general, bought something after they saw branded content about it on Pinterest. With 86% of millennials on the website say that they use Pinterest to plan big life moments like weddings, baby showers,....etc.

3 - On-platform shopping (shoppable pins)

Statistics show that 55% of Pinterest users shop on the site itself, which is 4 times the rate of other digital platforms. That’s why putting your shoppable pins there can be like opening a new storefront for your business. And it’s not only about online sales, 67% of Pinterest users also use the platform even while shopping in the physical brick-and-mortar stores.

4- Higher average order values

Pinterest boasts and above-average order values from their referrals. The average order value from Pinterest referral traffic is about $59. And when it comes to shopping websites, Pinterest drives 33% more traffic than Facebook.

5- Attractive segment

the majority of Pinterest users comprise a segment that is very attractive for specific eCommerce niches. It’s a more female-centric platform, where nearly half of all women online are Pinterest users, compared to only 18% for males. On the other hand, statistics show that 35% of Pinterest users have an annual income of over $75k, with 10% having an annual income of more than $125k. Along with a strong base of millennials where 1 in 2 US millennials is on Pinterest.

If the previous numbers resonate with the type of eCommerce business you run, then you should definitely start integrating Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy. And if you’re already on Pinterest, we would love to hear about your experience. Share it with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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