More Traffic and Conversion to Your Online Store Without Ads

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Despite being the most famous option for spending the marketing budget in eCommerce, digital advertising is not always the best way to bring more traffic to your online store or increase conversion. Instead, you can get access to the customers you want from the people and companies who already have their attention. Today's post will show you a few ways to build an online audience without betting your marketing budget on digital advertising.

Team up with an influencer

It's not just a trend, when done the right way, influencer marketing can give you direct exposure to your target audience. And as influencers already have already established credibility with their followers, the odds of conversion are usually higher than regular advertising. For example, this is a campaign that NuMe made with Sarah Nourse.


What other companies already have your customer's attention? One fact that many marketers and businesses owners sometimes miss is that you don't need to start from scratch. Since other companies already spent time, effort and money in attracting and aggregating your target audience, you can team up with these companies through partnerships and get access to their user base.

These collaborations can offer you a lot of opportunities to bring more traffic and conversion to your website. It can be offering their customers free samples with their orders from the partner company, creating product bundles that contain products from the two companies all the way to co-hosting sweepstakes and giveaways. But keep in mind that partnerships are a two-way deal that both companies need to benefit from. They can give you access to their customer base, which is what your company needs now. In return, you need to offer them something that is valuable to them.

It can be free product giveaways, special discount for their customers, joint projects or whatever you see your company can offer. For example, if your eCommerce sells health supplements, you can make partnerships with local gyms and sports clubs as they have the attention of the type of customers you want. You can even offer supplement samples with a local gym's monthly membership to give them a taste of what you offer, increase your exposure and boost your conversion rates.

Loyalty program

Statistically speaking, 40% of an eCommerce store's revenue is created by only 8% of the customers. Simply put, repeat purchases are the lifeblood of your business. Loyalty programs encourage your customers to prioritize your store over the competitors to get more points and qualify for rewards. On the other side, the loyalty program highlights and gives you special access to the customers who love your brand and frequently buy from it. It helps you build stronger connections with those special customers. You can use these connections to not only get them to buy more from your store but to also turn them into brand advocates.

Here's an example of a loyalty program we loved. The following is a snapshot of Dr. Axe's loyalty program. Dr. Axe's loyalty program members spent $2.3 millions more than non-members in 90 days.


Affiliate program

The research found that we trust recommendations from friends and family (people we trust) much more than advertising. That's why creating an affiliate program for your online store can be a game-changer. An affiliate program basically gives the chance for customers to earn money when they refer another person to your online store and this person actually makes a purchase. It motivates customers to refer their friends and family to your products and encourage them to make a purchase. That's basically free marketing. When done right, affiliate marketing can tremendously boost your exposure and sales.


If you don't know yet, sampling is one of the biggest sales tactics out there. It's basically about giving samples of your products for free to your potential customers, thus giving them the chance to try the product before they buy. If your product meets or exceeds their expectations they will probably go buy the product itself. The consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble uses it to get more exposure and conversions. But you don't need a P&G-level sales team to get started with sampling. You can start by renting a small booth or table at events where your customers will be hanging out, partnering with local stores or simply giving away product samples as an unexpected free gift with orders.

Getting traffic and conversions for your online store might seem a bit daunting, that's why you need to sometimes think outside the box for better ways to reach them.

Try applying these tactics to your online store and tell us how it went. Share it with us on Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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