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Losing a customer on the checkout page sucks! The customer went from knowing nothing about your website to going through it, choosing items, deciding to make a purchase and even taking out their credit card. The next thing you know is that they just vanished into thin air.

In eCommerce, there's that repetitive pattern of customers leaving your website on the checkout page. In fact, Research from the Baymard Institute says the average cart abandonment rate is around 70%. When it comes to optimizing your checkout to avoid this, it's no joke! That's why in this blog post we will give you a couple of things to help you avoid losing those hard-earned checkouts.

Checkout optimization tips

1- Avoid surprise costs

This one can really harm both your brand image and sales. When customers are planning on spending X amount of money to get this specific product, they get really frustrated when they are surprised with extra costs at checkouts. Of course, this doesn't include the shipping fees, as any shopper knows they will pay an extra for shipping. But any other additional cost that appears on checkout increases the odds of the customer abandoning their cart and leaving your website just before they finalize their order. For example, if you have taxes that you need to add to the order, you can integrate it in the price and only show the price breakdown at checkout. So that at the end of the day, they pay what they expect to pay.

2- Know when your visitors are about to leave

There are many plugins and tools that can identify when the user is about to exit your website to display a pop-up with a special offer, a discount or a free shipping bonus. This encourages the customer to finish the checkout to not miss out on this offer. One of these tools is OptinMonster's Exit-Intent. It can be added to your online store to do just that. If you want to increase the effectiveness of this, you can make the pop-up offer time-limited bonuses, discounts and freebies, to give your customers an extra reason to finalize their checkout faster.

3- Make the process as simple as possible

You need to make the checkout process as simple and intuitive as possible. A clingy, vague, or slow checkout process can drive your customers away for good.

4- Offer multiple payment options

As strange as it seems, but not all people prefer paying with their credit cards. Some shoppers prefer paying with other options like PayPal, Google Pay or any of the many other payment options. Here's an example of the payment offers accepted by the Canadian chocolate shop Sugar Plum.

5- Offer live chat feature

Glitches, errors or simply customer's misunderstanding can cause problems on checkout. A good solution for this is to offer live chat to help the customer finalize their order successfully if they encountered any problems. It ensures that the customer will have a satisfactory checkout experience even when problems arise.

These are five tips that you can start with to optimize your online store's checkout. If you want to read more about checkout optimization, you can visit Neil Patel's article or OptinMonster's blog post about it.

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