5 Free Shopify Apps to Up-level Your eCommerce Store

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If you’re a Shopify business owner, you probably noticed that there are hundreds of apps in the Shopify app store. Some are free, some are paid. Some are worth the investment and others are useless. That’s why we’re bringing you in today’s blog post 5 useful Shopify apps to help you take your business to the next level without having to break the bank. All of the apps on this list are free or at least have decent free packages.

1- Kit

If you’re not already a digital marketing expert, or at least able to hire one, then most probably driving traffic and sales to your eCommerce is giving you goosebumps. The Kit app was designed to help you with that. Powered by artificial intelligence, Kit will be your digital marketing sidekick, running ad campaigns, email marketing, measuring performance and many more. It makes the process of driving traffic and conversions to your online store way more easier.

2- Sales notification by MPS

You’ve probably come across this app in one of the websites you visited. But we have to say that this one is really powerful! Since humans are social beings that trust other people more than anything else, the Sales notification app helps you make the best out of this simple fact. It displays a notification to your users when someone else makes a purchase, thus encouraging the visitor to consider making a purchase as well. It’s like the small notification in the lower left corner in this picture

A screenshot from Marie Forleo's website showing how the sales notification look like on websites
Source: marieforleobschool.com

3- Product Reviews

This app adds a customer reviews section to your product pages. In nearly all renowned eCommerce stores or platforms, you’ll find the customer reviews feature in some way or another. According to an eMarketer report, 98% of customers look at the product reviews at some point during the purchase process. Only 2% of visitors ignore it.

4- Compass

Running a successful eCommerce store is all about data. Starting from simple data about how many sales you’re getting, average order value, all the way to data on specific consumer behaviour patterns. Collecting, analyzing and getting useful actionable insights out of the data points you have, not only can take your business to a completely new level but will also provide your customers with exceptional customer experience on your online store.

The problem is that it’s so overwhelming to keep an eye on hundreds of performance metrics and thousands of data points every single day. Compass helps you with that. It analyzes more than 30 eCommerce metrics on your website to help you judge your online store’s performance and also benchmark these analytics against your competition to give a better insight on where you’re standing.

5- Upsell and Cross-sell products

“Do you want fries with that?” is a classic cross-selling example. And we know from many statistics and studies that cross-selling, when done right, can increase your revenue significantly. This App enables you to utilize cross-selling and upselling on your website. It lets you set relations between different SKUs and determine automated recommendations that are displayed for your customers during their visit to help increase the average order value.

This selection of apps is based on Shopify's 25 recommended free apps list. If you want to see the full list, you’ll find it here on their blog.

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